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Simplify Your EOFY: A Guide for Multi-Site Hospitality Operations and Finance Managers

Simplify Your EOFY: A Guide for Multi-Site Hospitality Operations and Finance Managers
Published on
July 11, 2023
As a multi-site hospitality operations and finance manager, the end of the financial year (EOFY) can feel like a constant uphill battle.

From ensuring all supplier invoices are accurate and paid, to the frantic crunch of reporting and accruals, EOFY can turn into a colossal mess, wasting precious time and resources. This post is for all the "plate spinners" out there, juggling multiple tasks and eager for a solution. At Surreal, we have a simple, efficient, and reliable system that takes the cruel out of accrual!

The EOFY Pain Points

Late and Unsubmitted Invoices

One of the main headaches during EOFY is dealing with supplier invoices. Many times, live entertainers like musicians, DJs, and trivia hosts, submit their invoices either late or not at all. This leaves you scrambling at the last minute trying to ensure all invoices have been paid.

Incorrectly Formatted Invoices

On top of late submissions, invoices often come in incorrectly formatted or unusable. This adds an extra layer of complexity to an already stressful time.

Difficulty with Accurate Accrual Reporting

Due to the unreliable nature of invoice submissions, the task of accurate accrual reporting can become a nightmare. Understanding the true financial position of your operations becomes a guessing game, rather than a clear, accurate view.

Transform Your EOFY Experience with Surreal

Comprehensive Finance System

Surreal offers a best-in-class finance system for live entertainment payments. We streamline the entire process by rolling up every entertainment and supplier payment into one single invoice. Instead of processing tens or hundreds of invoices, you handle just one.

Full Control Over Invoicing

At Surreal, we believe you should have control over your invoicing. All invoices are raised and controlled by you, ensuring every booking is invoiced in the correct week. This eliminates the stress of late or unsubmitted invoices.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Invoices

With Surreal, all invoices are accurate and up-to-date. No more chasing suppliers or worrying about incorrect invoices. We track all invoices in our interface, which ensures accurate accruals.

Enjoy a Stress-Free EOFY with Surreal

When EOFY rolls around, Surreal ensures all of your entertainment supplier invoices are in and reconciled correctly. Your accruals are completely up-to-date, making it easy to compare against your accounting systems.

No more work is required for entertainment invoices; it’s all handled for you, and it's completely accurate. Surreal takes the hard work out of EOFY, leaving you with no more financial headaches.

In the coming financial year, make it easy on yourself. Let Surreal take the cruel out of accrual!