From Muso to Surreal

You may have known us as Muso in the past, we’re now called Surreal. Read on to learn more

You may have known us as Muso, we’re now called Surreal, why the change?

These last 5 years have been a wild ride, and we’ve loved every minute of it.

As we’ve ridden this roller coaster through many ups and downs (including a pandemic), many people have joined us - hundreds of venues and thousands of performers. However, unlike what our name ‘Muso’ suggested, many of these people joined us for more than music.

When Muso was founded we focused on live music only. However, throughout our journey we noticed that venues were looking for ways to create amazing experiences in addition to music, and on top of that, there was a world of talented people out there that had something else to showcase.

We saw many talented people join our platform from many walks of life.

We saw trivia hosts stimulate brains, comedians make us laugh, drag queens dazzle and delight, artists create novelty, children’s entertainers keep the youngest of us laughing, the list went on.

It was all important and, fundamentally, it brought us all together IRL.

We love music; it’s our heart, it’s our bread and butter. We will never stop building for musicians, DJs, and producers. But we realised the platform we built had the ability to benefit many other people who also facilitate real human connection.

The diverse range of people we represent on Muso has grown significantly. We have petting zoos, mechanical bulls, dancers, and fire-breathers on Muso now. It felt like it was the right time to officially change our name to represent everyone.

For that reason, we would like to thank Muso for everything it has given us, and would like to officially introduce you to Surreal.

Why Surreal

As a name, Surreal doesn’t categorise; it can expand to everyone that uses our platform. It encapsulates every entertainer globally.

As entertainers, we are often looking for ways to create those unforgettable moments, those goosebumps, those core memories.

A surreal experience is the ultimate catalyst for that. It’s the pinnacle of the night, the moment in a performance that has you tingling. It’s surreal.

Our mission is to ensure that real experiences are seen as essential - as important as water, exercise and a healthy diet. Going out and experiencing is fundamental to our existence.

Because of this we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make entertainment easier to organise and thus, in turn, create more memorable experiences in the world.

When you realise that ‘Surreal’ quite literally has the word ‘real’ in it, it starts to make a lot more sense as the right name for us.


Surreal as a platform will help venues organise better experiences, help entertainers get more work, and help people connect with these experiences on another level.

We have put in a lot of effort from three different countries around the world to create Surreal, a world full of diverse and amazing real-life entertainment. We are extremely thrilled to introduce you to this new chapter of our journey.

If you believe that real-life connection is not just important but essential, then join us as we embark on our mission to ensure the world has access to quality entertainment.

For our day one customers in Australia

Surreal isn't just a name change.

Those of you still using our original platform in Australia will be moved over to our new platform, Surreal, in the coming months.

We acknowledge that the original Muso had a few flaws. These flaws came after layer upon layer of detail was added onto our original product. The new Surreal platform is just like Muso. It’s just been given a much-needed makeover and an engine upgrade under the hood. We’ve kept the best bits of Muso and removed the worst bits.

This new platform is faster, easier to use, and packs much more of a punch. It’s been tried and tested in the UK and NZ and is now used by hundreds of venues globally. It’s now ready to launch in Australia.