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Case Study: The North London Tavern

Case Study: The North London Tavern
Published on
July 17, 2023
The North London Tavern was built in 1894 for the Railway workers. Today the bar and dining room are still surrounded by beautiful, original features blended with contemporary décor to add a modern, comfortable feel to this stunning local pub.
This Kilburn staple is brilliantly placed between two tube stations coming directly from London, so natural footfall is guaranteed. In earlier years they were a gastropub, however recently they have pivoted into focussing on events and sports.

Improving the booking process for entertainers


Dean is a busy General Manager who is responsible for booking entertainers for various events. The process was time-consuming and stressful, with an average of 25 messages being exchanged between himself and each entertainer just to book a single performance. Dean also had to deal with multiple stakeholders such as BDMs, suppliers, staff, and other entertainers, making the booking process even more complicated.

Problem: Communication

The back and forth of emails and messages between Dean and the entertainers was becoming a burden. Dean had to repeatedly answer questions such as what type of equipment was needed, the performance time, payment details, and other requirements. Additionally, he had to create invoices using another platform, which was a painful process, especially for those entertainers who were not tech-savvy. The long waiting period for approval, combined with frequent messages about payment, added further stress to his already busy schedule.


Dean found that Surreal saved him two hours of screen time per week, eliminating the need for back and forth messaging and emailing. Invoicing was now a breeze, as he no longer had to create invoices manually, send them, and wait for approval.


Dean was overjoyed with the results of using Surreal. He stated that it had "saved his life" and that it was "so much easier" to use compared to the other invoicing tools. He was no longer bogged down by the stressful and time-consuming booking process, and he was now able to focus on other aspects of his job.

Surreal turned out to be a game-changer for Dean, making the booking process for entertainers simple, efficient, and stress-free. His productivity improved, and he was able to enjoy his private time without being bombarded by messages and emails.

Streamlining event promotion with Surreal


Previously, Dean communicated with artists via WhatsApp messages and struggled with promoting events effectively. He was looking for a solution to simplify the booking process and improve the promotion of events.

Problem: Promoting events

Dean faced several challenges in promoting events, including creating content that fit the vibe of the venue and overseeing the promotional efforts of staff. He was also spending hundreds of pounds per month on advertising through platforms such as Instagram.


With Surreal, Dean could book entertainers in just 30 seconds, as opposed to spending six hours messaging with artists. Surreal also provided a social media presence for entertainers and allowed Dean to track all promotional efforts in one place.


The use of Surreal resulted in a significant reduction in screentime for Dean, who no longer had to spend hours messaging with artists or creating content for events. The QR codes provided by Surreal were a source of free advertisement for the venue, with all the promotional details of the event on flyers at the pub. Dean was able to oversee the promotional efforts of staff and ensure that all events were promoted effectively.

Surreal proved to be a valuable tool for Dean, streamlining the booking process and improving the promotion of events. He was able to save time and money on advertising and focus on other aspects of managing the venue. The QR codes provided by Surreal were a source of free advertisement, and the social media presence of entertainers was improved, making events more attractive to customers.