Take your venue to the next level with live entertainment data (LED)

Surreal is the only platform in the world that gives you access to the power of live entertainment data (LED).

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What is live entertainment data?


LED is all the information associated with the live entertainment hosted at your venue(s)- genre, artist type, time, cost, date and much more.


So you can add live entertainment into the analysis of your business and uncover impactful insights- e.g. understand entertainment ROI + customer preferences


By using Surreal to book instead of a patchwork of spreadsheets. Surreal houses all your booking data in a data warehouse for integration and analysis

How Surreal unlocks the value of LED

Capture all your live entertainment data points seamlessly

With our world-class booking system, you can book entertainment in seconds while effortlessly capturing key data points. From booking details to entertainer specifics—genres, type, cost, time, place, and more all at your fingertips.

Capture essential data seamlessly

Comprehensive bookings data

Comprehensive data for entertainer specifics.

Build real-time custom reports for data understanding

Collaborate with our team to access your data and create a Big Query data warehouse specifically tailored to your venue or venue group. Gain insights through customised reports, including budget vs. actuals, entertainment type, frequency, and spend analysis by type or genre across all your venues.

Generate custom reports with our team

Or Surreal gives you access to build them in house with your own team if you have the capabilities

Connect LED data to your preferred reporting tools

Seamlessly integrate your LED data warehouse with various sources for automated reporting. Connect LED to Google Sheets, BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Metabase, Excel, and more. Overlay LED insights on NPS and sales data, and start unlocking the potential to optimise sales and much more.

Connect your LED warehouse to your BI and analysis tools

Overlay LED on your NPS and sales data.

Start optimising sales and other areas

Unlock customer insights for enhanced venue experiences

Use Surreal's LED data to uncover insights and opportunities across the whole business. Integrate LED with your marketing tools, CRM, and POS for targeted customer engagement and automated promotions.

Integrate LED to your marketing tools

Tag customers based on preferences

Retarget customers based on preferences.

Data-driven decision-making made simple

With LED at the center, continually review and optimize your strategies with data-driven decision-making. Place data at the heart of your business for informed choices and ongoing improvements.

Continuously experiment and review

Use real data to drive innovation at your venue

Ready to make data your venue's competitive advantage?

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Practical Applications of LED

A few examples of how you can use LED today for actionable insights and growth in your venue


Invoicing costs

Insights one

Compare "Planned" vs "Invoiced" Spend:

Dive into LED's insights to align your budgeting with actual invoiced spend. Identify discrepancies, optimize forecasting, and make informed decisions based on accurate financial data.


Entertainer Insights

Insights two

Uncover Entertainer Utilisation and Diversity:

Analyse the utilisation of entertainers, ensuring they are optimally utilised without underuse or overuse. Explore the diversity of entertainment offerings to provide a captivating experience for your audience. By leveraging LED's data warehouse, you can fine-tune your entertainment lineup and enhance customer satisfaction.


Entertainment spend

Insights three

Analyse Entertainment Spend

Our data warehouse enables you to delve into detailed analyses of entertainment spend. Gain insights into spending patterns based on entertainment types, genres, and other parameters. Understand which entertainment offerings drive revenue and identify opportunities for growth and optimisation.


Track ROI

Insights four

Track ROI with POS Data Integration:

Combine LED's data with your Point of Sale (POS) data to track the return on investment (ROI) of your live entertainment initiatives. By integrating POS data, you can measure the financial impact of entertainment offerings, make data-driven decisions, and maximise your venue's profitability. Please note that access to POS data and the skills to combine datasets are required for this analysis.

What our customers are saying

"We are really excited to be partnering with Surreal to bring all of our entertainment scheduling and invoicing into one place.

The flexibility and simplicity of Surreal adds another level to our business allowing our team greater visibility of bookings and a streamlining of our payment processes ensuring more robust programming and saving valuable time for both the events teams and the artists. "

Ben McLauglin

COO of Boxpark

"If we can describe Surreal in a few shorts words it would be: a time-saving godsend. The Surreal team has streamlined the whole booking and invoicing process to a fine art.

We cannot recommend Surreal highly enough. It will positively change the way you approach your bookings."

Walter Juan

Music Director, ATET

Picture of Caroline Louise Hesford who is a Dj from London
“The platform just makes it so easy to track all your payments as an artist. Brilliant platform - it would be great if all venues were on it; would make it so much easier for everyone, seriously."

Caroline Hesford

DJ, London

“Surreal is a brilliant app for musicians. It is easy to sign up and easy to use. All my experiences with Surreal have been professional and enjoyable. I urge any and every musician to sign up to Surreal and see if it is right for you. I’m sure it will be!”

James Franklin

Solo, Melbourne

Frequently asked questions

LED is new product and we are working hard to continuously improve and provide value for your venue through LED. See our FAQ to answer your questions

What is LED (Live Entertainment Data) and how can it benefit my venue?

LED is a cutting-edge data warehouse solution designed specifically for the live entertainment industry. It empowers venues to optimise their live entertainment offerings, increase dwell time, boost spend per head, generate additional revenue streams through ticketing, build their brand, and encourage repeat visits.

How does LED integrate with existing systems and data sources?

LED can integrate with data from your existing systems, such as booking systems, marketing tools, CRM, POS systems, and reporting tools. By connecting LED with your preferred platforms, you can automate reporting, gain comprehensive insights, and make data-driven decisions. Learn how LED can streamline your data analysis today.

Is LED suitable for multi-site venue groups?

Yes! LED is designed to meet the needs of both single venues and multi-site venue groups. Whether you operate one location or multiple venues, LED can scale to accommodate your requirements.

How secure is my data with LED?

We care about data security. LED employs industry-standard security measures to protect your valuable information. We adhere to data protection regulations to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your data. With role-based access control, your data is securely stored within the EU and is GDPR compliant. Additionally, we employ encryption protocols both in transit and at rest, ensuring that your data remains secure throughout its lifecycle.

How quickly can I start using LED for my venue?

Pretty quick! For venues and venue groups our team  should be able to set you up in a few hours regardless of size. Get in contact with us to see how you can begin leveraging LED at your venue.

Can LED help me understand customer preferences and tailor my offerings?

LED enables you to gain valuable insights into customer preferences related to live entertainment. For examples you can analyse data on entertainment types, genres and costs. When you combine LED with your PoS or foot traffic data, customer behaviour can be analysed and experimented with that enables you to tailor your offerings to their preferences and enhance the overall guest experience.

Is training and support available for using LED?

At the moment our team can work with your to get you the reports you need. We however reply on your team for further guidance and data analysis your external tools. As LED develops further we will be looking to support this in many ways.

How is the pricing for LED determined?

The pricing for LED is tailored to each venue's specific needs. It is based on factors such as the number of custom reports required, the complexity of data integration, and the unique requirements of your venue. We offer flexible pricing options to ensure you get the most value out of LED based on your specific use cases.

Which Business Intelligence (BI) tools can be connected to LED's data warehouse?

LED's data warehouse integrates with a wide range of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Some examples include:

1. Tableau
3. Excel
4. Metabase
5. Custom data exploration in Python
6. Custom data exploration in R

These tools, along with any other ODBC/JDBC compliant application can enable you to leverage LED's data and create powerful visualisations, interactive reports, and in-depth analyses to drive data-driven decision-making.

Still have questions?

Feel free to get in contact with us to ask any specific questions your have about LED