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What is Surreal and how can it benefit my venue?

Surreal is a powerful platform designed to streamline live entertainment workflows. By providing a comprehensive solution for managing bookings, marketing, operations, and finance all in one place, Surreal helps venues simplify their processes and maximise efficiency.

Can I manage bookings across multiple venues with Surreal?

Absolutely! Surreal allows you to book across multiple venues from a single interface, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple calendars and schedules. Say goodbye to calendar tetris and enjoy the convenience of centralised booking management.

Can Surreal bring together team members from different roles into one central system?

This is what we’re made for. Surreal’s platform that allows you to bring together team members from operations, finance, marketing, and venue managers into a unified system. Surreal also makes it easy to work with your agents, and entertainers in the one platform. This centralisation promotes collaboration, streamlines communication, and enhances overall efficiency.

How can Surreal help me with entertainment promotion and marketing?

Surreal automates entertainment promotion for marketers and other staff needing to promote the venues events and gig guides, making it easier to reach your target audience. By leveraging Surreal's gig widget and other internal marketing tools, you can automate gig promotion and enhance your venue's visibility to attract more patrons to your events.

Can Surreal help me consolidate entertainment invoices and streamline financial operations?

Yes, Surreal enables you to aggregate all of your entertainment invoices each week into one. The best part is that Surreal splits and distributes payment to all entertainers for you, minimising errors. By having all the invoicing and payment processes within the platform, you can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and timely payments.

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