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Surreal puts you in control to seamlessly manage bookings, payments and gig opportunities for all your live performances.

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image of the surreal gig widget in action and how you can send your events straight to your social and owned platforms
Gig Discovery

Get discovered & land more bookings.

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Build your shareable profile that doubles as a digital EPK

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Share your profile to showcase your talent and get booked

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Get sent offers for new gigs

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Apply for new gigs on the gig feed (coming soon)

Gig Bookings

Manage your bookings with ease, in one place

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Use one central system to track your bookings

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Easily accept and reject incoming gig offers from venues

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Share your availability ahead of time with venues

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The system notifies you of potential double bookings to ensure a stress-free gig schedule

Gig Payments

Effortless payments on your behalf

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Get paid securely & on time, Surreal guarantees payments once a venue signs up and a gig is confirmed, eliminating the need to chase down payments

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Surreal automatically creates invoices after each gig and follows up so that you don’t have to

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Invoice venues who aren’t on Surreal to centralise your payments

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Keep track of the status of all your payments in one centralised location.

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Export all your entertainment payments for reporting purposes with ease.

Gig Promotion

Get more exposure though gig promotion

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Get promoted on venues' websites via their Surreal Gig Widget

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Create a SEO optimised page for every performance, ensuring that people can find your gigs on Google

image of the surreal gig widget in action and how you can send your events straight to your social and owned platforms

We believe live experiences are essential

Just like water, like air, like going to the gym, like having a healthy diet, live experiences are a part of human nature. It is a must have, it is essential.

Entertainment and the people that make it happen are the lifeblood of these experiences. That is why we are doing everything we can to make it easier for everyone involved.

If you believe that real-life connection is not just important but essential, then join us as we embark on our mission to ensure the world has access to quality entertainment.

Artist FAQs

Surreal has just been adopted by a venue that I play at, what does that change?

It essentially changes nothing about the nature of the gig. We do not take commission on gigs that have a pre-existing relationship. We don’t have the right to. The only thing that changes is that your gig will now be managed through Surreal, giving you access to automated invoicing, payment and booking tools.

How does Surreal make my life easier?

Surreal is built to make the admin side of live entertainment easy. All your gigs are organised in one place. All the detail you need about the gig is there, including equipment and contact details. The fee is agreed upfront and locked in and payment is automated and arrives as soon as the venue/client pays. No more raising and chasing invoices.

How does payment for gigs work on Surreal

Payment on Surreal is easy and secure. The payment amount is agreed on before the gig so there are no surprises on the night. Once the gig is played Surreal does all the invoicing and, if necessary, all the chasing up ensuring that the agreed amount gets to you every time without you having to lift a finger. Payment arrives as soon as the venue pays - typically the Friday following the gig.

Getting artists paid their agreed amount without any fuss is a core aspect of Surreal's mission. We understand that gig work can be hard and it doesn't need to be made harder by payment uncertainty. We're hoping to bring a new standard to the live music industry where "surprises on the night" are a thing of the past rather than a cost of doing business.

Is my data secure?

Yes Surreal is secure, all user data is encrypted and produced under our GDPR compliant privacy policy. All payments are made through a secure 3rd party gateway called PinPayments.

Can Surreal help me when it comes to tax time?

Surreal stores all of your payments on your profile. You can keep an accurate track of your earning throughout the year and export your payment data in bulk during tax season.

Join more than 8000 entertainers using Surreal around the globe to remove the admin, get discovered and get paid quicker everyday.

Increase in gig visibility through Surreal's automated gig promotion
Paid to entertainers annually
Decrease in number of late invoices sent to venues, delaying payment.

What our customers are saying

"We are really excited to be partnering with Surreal to bring all of our entertainment scheduling and invoicing into one place.

The flexibility and simplicity of Surreal adds another level to our business allowing our team greater visibility of bookings and a streamlining of our payment processes ensuring more robust programming and saving valuable time for both the events teams and the artists. "

Ben McLauglin

COO of Boxpark

"If we can describe Surreal in a few shorts words it would be: a time-saving godsend. The Surreal team has streamlined the whole booking and invoicing process to a fine art.

We cannot recommend Surreal highly enough. It will positively change the way you approach your bookings."

Walter Juan

Music Director, ATET

Picture of Caroline Louise Hesford who is a Dj from London
“The platform just makes it so easy to track all your payments as an artist. Brilliant platform - it would be great if all venues were on it; would make it so much easier for everyone, seriously."

Caroline Hesford

DJ, London

“Surreal is a brilliant app for musicians. It is easy to sign up and easy to use. All my experiences with Surreal have been professional and enjoyable. I urge any and every musician to sign up to Surreal and see if it is right for you. I’m sure it will be!”

James Franklin

Solo, Melbourne

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