Surreal Moving Guide & FAQs - Artists

Welcome to Surreal, the new Muso. It’s the best of Muso in a simpler, more intuitive interface.

Muso, as you know it, is being upgraded to a new and improved platform called Surreal. The venues you play at will soon be moving to Surreal for all live entertainment bookings and invoicing.

TL:DR: Surreal is a much better version of Muso, create a profile now, then wait for your venues to move over and start booking you 🎉

Firstly, why the name change??

In short, over the last 5 years, we have moved from representing just musicians and DJs to all types of entertainment - trivia, comedians, drag queens, and even mechanical bulls. We’ve realised that we need to do a better job to represent our whole performing community. The name ‘Surreal’ is more representative and communicates our full potential to everyone we work with.

Will the Surreal platform be like Muso?

Surreal is just like Muso. It’s just been given a makeover and an engine upgrade under the hood, we’ve kept the best bits of Muso and removed the worst bits. You’ll still be able to use Surreal in all the same ways for finding new gigs (the ability to show interest in gigs is coming soon), organising your bookings, and automating your invoicing and payment.

Did someone say international gigs?

Yep, you read that correctly. We’ve been hard at work launching Surreal in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Surreal is now live there with a large number of reputable venues. This means that soon, you will be able to find gigs in other countries. It’s our first step to creating a global gigging network. We’re excited!

How is the move to Surreal going to work?

Create a Surreal profile ahead of the move.

Sign up to Surreal now and create a profile in anticipation of the move!

All venues will move across to Surreal by March 1st, 2024. No events after 29th Feb, 2024 will be scheduled or paid via Muso.

Each venue and venue group has been assigned an account manager to move them over to Surreal.

Venues will notify you in advance of their moving dates.

You will be notified in advance as each venue moves over to Surreal. Surreal staff will be assigned to each venue and will help assist you with any questions.

Once all venues have moved to Surreal, we will say bye to Muso. Muso will be accessible until end of March.

Common FAQS

Is there a mobile app?

Surreal doesn’t have a mobile app that you can download from the app store or Google Play. But do have an app that you can install via your browsers. Check this guide out on how to install it - Scroll down to “Using Surreal On Your Mobile”:

What does this mean for my gigs?

Surreal is live and being used by venues in NZ and UK as well as AU. We’ll be moving all remaining Muso customers to Surreal over the coming weeks/months.

What does this mean for my gigs?

Your gigs won’t be affected! The gigs you have on Muso will still be on Surreal, it’ll just be a better booking process.

What does this mean for my agent?

Agents who have been using Muso to book you will be included in training and supported to start using Surreal to continue booking for your venue from the agreed date.

What will happen to my previous booking data in Muso?

Muso will slowly be eventually shut down, and moving forward all bookings will need to be in Surreal. Any previous booking and invoice data should be exported so you can store it safely. More information about how to do this will be sent separately.

Will I be able to find gigs on the gig feed like on Muso?

Surreal doesn’t have a gig feed yet… But it is in the works. For now, Muso will just be for all your bookings. We will soon be opening up a gig feed on Surreal so you can find gigs!

Still have questions?

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