Create a Brilliant Live Entertainment Experience with Surreal

Enhance your event and venue operations with the Surreal event entry system. Make the most of world-leading event technology, QR codes and Gig Widgets, and bolster your brand's reputation as the gold standard in customer experience.

Fuel your event with the Surreal event entry system.

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Helping agencies big and small to be more productive with their bookings

Instant Gig Guides

Scan, view, book – all with Surreal. The Surreal event entry system makes booking tickets, viewing gig guides, exploring entertainer profiles, and securing reservations simple.


Supersize your web performance

Automatically promote your gigs online with live event guides embedded into your website, thanks to the Surreal event entry system. Your patrons will love having real-time access to event schedules and ticket sales, and you’ll love the ease of dynamic gig guides loaded across your venue network.


Review the numbers in real-time

With the Surreal event entry system, you can review performance as it happens, giving you an instant insight into the effectiveness of your promotions. You’ll never make uninformed assumptions again thanks to the complete visibility of the Surreal event entry system.

What our customers are saying

"We are really excited to be partnering with Surreal to bring all of our entertainment scheduling and invoicing into one place.

The flexibility and simplicity of Surreal adds another level to our business allowing our team greater visibility of bookings and a streamlining of our payment processes ensuring more robust programming and saving valuable time for both the events teams and the artists. "

Ben McLauglin

COO of Boxpark

"If we can describe Surreal in a few shorts words it would be: a time-saving godsend. The Surreal team has streamlined the whole booking and invoicing process to a fine art.

We cannot recommend Surreal highly enough. It will positively change the way you approach your bookings."

Walter Juan

Music Director, ATET

Picture of Caroline Louise Hesford who is a Dj from London
“The platform just makes it so easy to track all your payments as an artist. Brilliant platform - it would be great if all venues were on it; would make it so much easier for everyone, seriously."

Caroline Hesford

DJ, London

“Surreal is a brilliant app for musicians. It is easy to sign up and easy to use. All my experiences with Surreal have been professional and enjoyable. I urge any and every musician to sign up to Surreal and see if it is right for you. I’m sure it will be!”

James Franklin

Solo, Melbourne

Make booking tickets easier for your patrons, with Surreal.

Deliver brilliant live entertainment experiences to your customers with the Surreal event entry system.

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