76,000+ Surreal events a year and counting

The live entertainment productivity tool, built for hospitality

Schedule and book across venues, securely manage your entertainer roster and automate invoicing without leaving Surreal.

Built for Booking Agencies
Built for Venues and Hospitality Groups

Work much, much faster

Replace painful admin with smart workflows, increase efficiency and get more done with less.


Total Visibility

See all of your critical information in one spot, identify jobs to be done and action tasks quickly.

Remove texts and emails

Remove manual workflows, automate tedious admin and manage your core workflows with Surreal.

Lightning communication

Minimise messy communications with in built chat, artist briefs and worksheets.

Automate your finances*

Never think about payment admin again by automating venue invoicing and artist payments.

*Finance features ANZ & UK only

Built specifically for your unique workflows

Built from years of experience, Surreal is fine-tuned to your specific needs.

Built for booking agencies

Built for venues

Built for hospitality groups

For booking agencies

Intuitive features, finely tuned for your unique needs with no unnecessary complexity


Power scheduling & booking

Book across multiple venues, simultaneously

Entertainer availabilities

No more clashes. Book entertainers based on their availability

Gig reminders

Entertainers receive upcoming event reminders via email and mobile

Entertainer CRM

Categorise, label, and favourite entertainers for easy filtering

For venues and hospitality groups

Surreal is built for hospitality workflows, from head office to the venue staff.

Venue Group

Venue Group Oversight

One centralised place for your entertainer bookings across your entire portfolio

Hassle-free, automated promotion tools

Market every one of your events to its full potential. Never miss an opportunity.

Automated payments

Consolidate entertainer payments into a single invoice at a venue or group level.

Make data driven decisions

Capture your entertainment data and integrate it into your analytics.

*Finance features ANZ & UK only

Live enteratinment software never looked so good

"Surreal has changed the game for us. We’ve moved from using multiple systems and processes for different functions, to one purpose-built singular system for all our venue bookings."

James Ware

Director, WAT Artists

Easy to pick up, easy to use

Built for 2024. Surreal is quality agency software you will actually enjoy using.

A clean and simple interface

A simple and user friendly interface, for a complex job.

Human-centred design

Designed down to the last pixel, with the user experience in mind.

Fast and easy onboarding

Get set up and start booking in under an hour, migrate data in seconds.

Quick artist and venue onboarding

Easily invite artists with magic link, artist sign up in minutes.

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