Surreal Offer

Surreal 2024 New Year Offer 🎉

Nail all of your 2024 goals with half the effort. Make 2024 your year of unprecedented productivity and growth with the Surreal New Year Offer.

Offer Period: 01/01/24 - 15/02/24

What you get
  1. Comprehensive Agency Booking System to run your business
  2. Dedicated onboarding manager
  3. Unlimited Seats
  4. Unlimited bookings at no extra cost
New Year Offer Bonuses
  1. Revenue Share Partnership with Surreal, earning you money for as long as the venue subscribes (see more below)
  2. Free Roster set-up and Migration
  3. Free month trial for your venues on the upgraded version of Surreal
  4. Automated communication suite (remove constant emails/calls with clients and artists)
  5. + NY Bonus packs (see below)
  • Basic - $13USD per venue per month
  • Pro - $18USD per venue per month
  • Payments - $29USD per venue per month
First Month on Us

Dive into our premium features without spending a dime for the first month. Test the waters, no strings attached.

Surreal Money Back Guarantee

If after three months Surreal isn't your thing, we'll hand back every penny. That's how confident we are.

+ a tonne of bonuses to make your experience, a Surreal one.

Support Pack

Provides comprehensive support and assistance for all venue and artist needs. Including help with migration.

Training Pack

Offers extensive training resources for individuals and teams in various aspects of business operations.

Migration Pack

Includes complete services for migrating, setting up accounts, and communication plans for artists and venues.

Quick Starter Pack

A dedicated onboarding manager. Ensures migration within 3 days and onboarding within 10 minutes.

Security Pack

Non-compete agreements and contracts to ensure you’re fully comfortable with Surreal.

Product Feedback Pack

Gives access to the product development team for discussions and workshops. Allows you to help shape the product.

Grow my Business Pack

Offers marketing tools and lead generation for agencies. Including being added to our preferred supplier list.

Only with our NY24 offer!

Work with Surreal. Get cash in your pocket 🚀.

For every venue that moves to our paid plan, you pocket $60 monthly. Your success is our success. This is how it works.

  • Venue start on free tier
  • If venue upgrades to paid tier you get 50% of their fee, indefinitely
  • This cancels out your subscription cost, and earns you cash
  • This will be exclusively offered to the first 20 venues in each location

Take it for a test ride

Your new productivity tool is ready, are you?